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  • PHX Cyclone - Pure, Gloss Black, L

    PHX Cyclone - Pure, Gloss Black, L


    Our PHX Cyclone Kids/Youth fullface helmet is the next level of enclosed helmet systems. Certifications for PHX helmets meet or exceed all DOT (FMVSS 218) safety standards in the USA and Canada. PHX exclusive 8–point Rapid Air ventilation...

  • PHX GPro Youth Goggles

    PHX GPro Youth Goggles


    PHX Gpro Goggles offer renown quality and unbeatable value. Constructed from highly durable and flexible resins these goggles also come equipped with the highest quality and longest strap in the market, making sure that the goggles can be worn around the...

  • PHX Tuffskin Body Armour

    PHX Tuffskin Body Armour


    The PHX TuffSkin upper body suit features high-tech fabric and built-in flexible armour plating. PHX TuffSKin 2-stage body armour provides unmatched range of motion and protection. The base jacked technology is made from highly durable and flexible...

  • PHX Helmet Zone 3-Tempest

    PHX Helmet Zone 3-Tempest


    The PHX Zone3 motocross helmet is among the lightest helmets in its class. Advanced ABS structure, treated hardware and advanced moisture/heat resistant adhesives yield a performance blend of durability and lightweight construction.  This True-Fit...

  • PHX MX GPro Adult Goggles

    PHX MX GPro Adult Goggles


    Designed with eyeglass wearers in mind, The large chamber helps to eliminate fogging and accomodates most eyeglass sizes and shapes.  Large Fit Floating foam membrane (eliminates eyeglass temple pressure)